All our boards give you the opportunity to have a complete system out of the box thanks to our open source software or let you integrate your own system by using the de-facto standard of interoperability: an IP network and the HTTP protocol. Or you can even program your very own custom firmware to adapt the boards to your needs


Let your automation network talk with an encrypted and authenticated open source protocol, get the advantages of a multiuser environment


Integrate what you need, not what anyone impose to you. Our software is completely open source, our boards are interoperable by just using web or an open source protocols. Our electronic designs let you even write your own firmware, or you can use our powerfull firmware and easily integrate any device talking over IP/HTTP

Start your Internet of Things

  • A complete system ready to run or stand-alone devices
  • IP and HTTP based open protocols, with web gui for configurations
  • Low power consumption
  • Boards designed to operate for years 24/7
  • More…